Mold Free Coffee

Mold Free Upgraded Coffee is created and tested using the proprietary Bulletproof Process™ to create a coffee that is tested to be lower in mold toxins that inhibit human performance, including ochratoxin A. You can feel the difference every time, even if you only drink it black.

Just like the food you put into your body, the quality of your coffee matters: Bad coffee can sap your energy and hurt your performance, while the right beans can give you an edge.

The problem is finding consistently good coffee — which is why Bulletproof coffee beans are expertly picked, sorted and roasted.

  • Location: Bulletproof coffee beans come from high-elevation, Rainforest Alliance certified, single-origin coffee estates.
  • Quality: Bulletproof beans are held to stringent quality standards. They’re sourced and processed to help minimize mycotoxins and other contamination.
  • Taste: Bulletproof Coffee Beans are super high-quality Arabica beans, which have a smooth, bold flavor.
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